FAMU SGA Executive Conference room Form Please complete this form in order to reserve the Executive Conference room Form located within the Efferson Student Union Building. Executive Branch Chief of Staff and/ or Deputy Chief of staff  Leadership will respond to your request in a timely manner. For additional inquiries, feel free to contact us at sga.chiefofstaff@famu.edu.
Club/Organization/Department Name*? *

Is your club/organization registered and active with the Office of Student Activities at Florida A&M University?

What date is your club/organization/department seeking to reserve the Student Senate Chambers?*

Secondary date for request (If applicable)

How many people are you expecting to attend your event within the Senate Chambers?*

Please give us a brief description of your proposed event.

How many people are you expecting to attend your event within the Senate Chambers?

Will there be any food/drinks at your event?*

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DISCLAIMER (PLEASE READ)*Please note that the right to approve/deny request to reserve The Executive Conference room rests solely with the FAMU SGA Student Executive Leadership. Your club/organization/department is responsible for all damages & cleaning fees that may occur as a result of your event. All requests must be placed a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to your event. Requests that do not align with this timeline will face additional risk of their request being denied. 

Please contact the FAMU Student Government Association at 850-599-3624 for all additional questions.

For all additional security information, please contact the FAMU Department of Campus Safety & Security at 850-599-3256.

By pressing "Agree", your club/organization/department acknowledges the aformentioned statement.

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